In-game Rules

  • -Scamming or Hacking other players is forbidden.
  • -Using custom DLLs to bypass or abuse any of our HWID limitations strictly forbidden
  • -Advertising other servers in globals or game chatting is forbidden.
  • -Spreading rumors or randomly trash talking the server is forbidden.
  • -Buying or Selling ign items for cash is is not acceptable.
  • -Buying or Selling silks for cash from someone other than our authorized reseller will result in an istant HWID ban.
  • -Usage of any chat Spam tool is not acceptable.
  • -Any form of racism in public chat is forbidden.
  • -Abusing any kind of bug without reporting it is forbidden.
  • -Any kind of Insult to Sailor Staff will get your account banned.
  • -Staff Impersonation is forbidden strictly forbidden.
  • -Using an offensive character name, guild name or a grant name is forbidden.
  • -Do not talk about religions in public chats.
  • -Chargebacks is forbidden.

About Project Nyx

Nyx is the result of the extremely precise and focused work of six different team members, each one exceling in a skill that is unmatched by anyone else. Our team is very familiar with each other - working side by side for several year; however, we decided it was time to start our conquest and introduce Nyx to the world due to the fact that all other servers just can't provide what we feel is adequate and should be provided to the players!

Nyx's system and design is impeccable; countless hours of planning and researching were spent to perfectly integrate every feature and make a system that we view as perfect. We engineered a server with a play style that reaches this "sweet spot" right in between old school iSRO rates and overedited failures. The system isn't easy, yet it is not too difficult either. You will be able to see our thoughts as you read through the thread - we hope that you will find that the system is perfectly balanced "as all things should be.".

Nyx was created and dedicated to old-school and casual players to attempt to invoke a sweet feeling of nostalgia - bring back those amazing memories of 80 cap times. It seems like every server these days is all about either donating to be on top or tryharding all the time with a mass of bots and whatnot... its kind of depressing! Therefore; we made it easy enough for causal players to enjoy their time with limited donator advantages. Having fun and progressing at a stable and balanced rate is incredibly important to the core of Nyx and our team's beliefs that a server should be play2win, and not pay2win. We have several limitations in place to prevent "tryhards" from pushing too hard and upsetting the balance.

Our Trailer

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